KORE is a modular collection of free-form seats in HPC (High Performance Concrete) equipped with four supports in thick steel sheets. It is available in three different shapes (A, B and C) which can be installed individually or in combination with each other (e.g. A+B, B+C, C+A+B). The more KORE modules, the more bench combinations you can conceive!

But KORE is not only a bench:
Is an island of ease in the chaos of today’s world.
For moments of new sociality, against isolation and indifference.
A new “playful” way of living and regaining possession of the urban space.
Creative, flexible and always different. Open to diverse, personalized uses.
A bench on which you can lie, curl up, nestle, relax, rest, chat, work, think, and enjoy the sun and the stars.
But it’s also a stimulator of the imagination: the memory of our hills, our fields, our beaches.
A magic carpet floating lightly with the wind… and carrying us to distant worlds.


Michele Slaviero, Italy

Metalco SP, Italy

Year of production

Michele Slaviero, Metalco SP

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