Kinderhaus Sulz, Vorarlberg

The new KINDERHAUS in Sulz, Vorarlberg, Austria is situated in a delicate, traditional ensemble of a vicarage and a church. In the immediate vicinity of other educational buildings, the new building offered the unique opportunity to create a public open space – a “children’s campus” – oriented primarily to children’s needs.
The size of a child became the guiding principle of the architecture: The window openings are derived from the proportions of children and the demands of the rooms: A lot of the windows are too low for adults. The soffits serve the children as seating alcoves. There are also many vistas and window alcoves inside the building that are appropriate for the size and playing dimensions of children, producing complex, multi-layered spatial experiences. Care was taken to account for the particular spatial awareness of children and to meet the requirements for small-scale, diversified areas and protected spatial configurations.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The size of a child became the guiding principle of the architecture.


Christian Mörschel (JUNIWIND Architektur) & Jochen Specht, Dornbirn

Gemeinde Sulz, Vorarlberg, Austria

Marianne Schrötter-Raid, Alberschwende

Year of completion

Sulz, Vorarlberg, Austria

Total area
6.077 m2

Site area
1.348 m2

Adolf Bereuter

Project Partners

Querformat ZT, Dornbirn, SSD Beratende Ingenieure, Spektrum, GMI Ingenieure, hecht licht- und elektroplanung, Besch und Partner, Feldkirch, wasserplan, Hohenems, 3P Geotechnik, Bregenz, Markowski Straka, Feldkirch, Bernhard Nitz, Weiler, Umweltverband, Energieinstitut, Spektrum, Peter Felder, Rankweil, Nägele Hoch- und Tiefbau, Röthis, Klinkerforum, Morsbach (D), Schindler, Stolz, Feldkirch, ARGE ETG/Aschaber, Mils, sontec, Lustenau, Nägele, Brunner, Höchst, i+R Fensterbau, Lauterach, Entner Dach, Blank, Lustenau, Ausbau Bohn, Feldkirch, Klocker,  Berchtold, Wolfurt, Telser, Mals/Burgeis (IT), Wolf Metall, Weiler, FHE Franke, Fliesenpool, Götzis, Bechtold, Weiler, Sternath, Hard, Liepert, Bludenz, Klien, Rankweil, Gantner Electronic, Schruns, Ausserbrunner, Schwarzacs

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