Kindergarten Mattighofen Nord

The municipal community of Mattighofen expressed its desire to utilize wood not only structurally but also visibly, creating an inviting architectural composition. The floorplan of the four-group kindergarten was developed based on the pedagogical concept of the “Open Kindergarten,” where children have the freedom to independently explore various functional spaces instead of traditional group rooms. This approach fosters self-determination and promotes children’s competencies across all areas.

The corridor and foyer area double as play areas, offering ample space for physical activity, as well as quiet corners for concentration and retreat. A central wardrobe near the entrance acts as a dirt trap, helping to maintain cleanliness in the play area. The compact single-story building features slight projections, recesses, and variations in room height, visible in both the facade and building structure. Along the access road, the office area precedes the movement space and technical area. Similarly, from the garden side, the functional rooms with gable roofs are distinguishable, with the roofs serving as protection for wooden terraces. This design allows children to play outside even in inclement weather.

The Office of the Upper Austrian State Government has highly praised the four-group kindergarten’s “open concept” and approved it as a pilot project.


Architekt DI Heinz Anglberger

Municipal community of Mattighofen

Year of completion

Mattighofen, Austria

Total area
744 m2

Site area
3.755 m2

Architekt DI Heinz Anglberger and LichtART; Christoph Bergmann

Project Partners

General constructor: ARGE Totalübernehmer eww Anlagentechnik GmbH & Berger Bau GmbH
Static planning: Schiebel Ziviltechniker GmbH
Building services planning: S & P climadesign GmbH
Electrical engineering planning: S & P climadesign GmbH
Building physics planning: Wolfgang Kögelberger
Fire protection planning: ims-Brandschutz Ing.büro GmbH
Light planning: Licht Art GmbH

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