Kimpton Shanghai

Kimpton Shanghai extends a warm embrace to the vibrant creative community, positioning itself as an open gateway to the city’s multifaceted charm. Studio Carter’s design ethos for this hotel revolves around fostering community connections, creating a harmonious space where guests can engage with local artisans, visionaries, and fellow dream-weavers.

The essence of Kimpton Shanghai lies in celebrating the city’s dualities, weaving them into an environment that lets guests experience the city’s charm while immersing themselves in the creative pulse of the community. From sweeping communal spaces to intimate guest sanctuaries, every facet is meticulously curated to craft an indelible and cherished experience. Upon entering, guests are enveloped in hospitality that prioritizes cultural immersion and sensory delight. The reception area transforms into a cultural concierge, guiding guests through carefully crafted experiences, including city-evoking playlists and curated literary journeys. The lobby offers a treasure trove of art volumes, fashion gazettes, and novels, inviting guests to deepen their connection with the local culture. The Discovery Bar offers an exclusive arrival experience, allowing guests to select personalized amenity scents and teas, intertwining their stay with the essence of the surroundings. Kimpton Shanghai unfolds as a tapestry of discoveries, with concealed cabinets, secluded gardens, and contemplative nooks for guests to revel in.

The design narrative draws inspiration from Shanghai’s European heritage, blending it with a futuristic reinterpretation of Shikumen architecture, honoring the city’s past while nodding towards its future. In the culinary realm, the restaurant is a Franco-Chinois brasserie where every dish is an ode to fusion. A symphony of contemporary Chinese flavors intertwines with French finesse, creating an unparalleled gastronomic journey. The dining room transcends boundaries with an atrium-inspired design leading to a verdant garden terrace. The chef’s garden nurtures specialty produce, serving as a backdrop for intimate gatherings. Inspired by 18th-century French salons, the bar becomes a haven for exploration and connection, hosting artists and cultural visionaries, along with live music, DJ sets, and spoken word performances. Guest rooms exude extraordinary opulence, featuring a mesmerizing stone hearth in a candlelit sanctuary for reflection and relaxation. Contemporary conveniences, such as a touch-button mini bar, enhance the guest experience, aligning with the hotel’s commitment to environmental stewardship by minimizing plastic use. Kimpton Shanghai, designed by Studio Carter, epitomizes conscious luxury, inviting guests to return for an evolving experience with each stay, unveiling new layers of discovery.


Studio Carter Interior Design


Year of completion

Shanghai, China

Seth Powers

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