Jewelry made with sound: Believe in Yourself

This ring was made with audio of Michael Jackson interviewed by his close friend Brett Ratner. It’s a small sculpture of wisdom, purpose, turning the invisible into something wearable. This brand is dedicated to creating jewelry made with sound. Since I came up with the idea of introducing feelings and emotions into objects, the first challenge was how to do it. I came to the conclusion that one of the many ways we express ourselves is with sound. The next challenge was to capture sound and interpret it to intervene in certain shapes and lines. Using parametric design I was able to interpret the audio to manipulate vectors and turn them into objects. Jewelry are not only pieces but also carry the essence of the person who wore it and with these pieces they have a new added value which is the feeling of the person who gave it as a gift.


Nathan Burak

Year of production

Nathan Burak, Alejandro Graham

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