János Pásztor

Managing director of Építészfórum

János Pásztor is the managing director of Építészfórum (Architect Forum in English), Hungary’s largest online architectural magazine, established in 2000. Építészfórum serves as a comprehensive resource on architecture, offering news, tenders, awards, and detailed presentations of significant plans, buildings, and key industry figures on a daily basis. The magazine covers a broad range of topics including international and Hungarian architectural scenes, culture, design, urbanism, landscape architecture, and the creative industries. The platform actively engages in presenting a variety of viewpoints on both local and international architecture, innovation, and technology advancements. It provides a platform for architectural professionals to discuss and critique works, and fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of architectural practices and their impact on public spaces and society at large.

Építészfórum is also known for organizing the Media Architecture Award, which is one of the most visited architectural events in Hungary held annually for over 20 years. This award is notable for its open evaluation process and the participation of top Hungarian media representatives, which helps bridge contemporary architecture with a wider audience.

Furthermore, Építészfórum hosts the Architect Festival in Budapest annually, exploring a variety of architectural themes through workshops, lectures, roundtable discussions, and cultural events. These themes extend the discussions initiated on Építészfórum’s online platform into an engaging offline environment. The goal of the Architect Festival is to foster dialogue among students, researchers, architects, and professionals from related fields, offering a collaborative space for open reflection and addressing pertinent issues in architecture and society.

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