The design of the building is truly “Form follows Function”

The design of the building is truly “Form follows Function”

An interview with Schneider Lengauer Pühringer Architects, Austria

What makes your winning project one of a kind?
Prammer Semmler: It is a single-family house that consists of 3 buildings, which generate a unique spatial quality through their location in relation to one another.
Krafthaus Zwenewald: The design of the building is truly “Form follows Function”.

What did you learn from this project?
Prammer Semmler: We learned how to expand an existing building with the same design language and also achieve the highest level of architectural self-understanding.
Krafthaus Zwenewald: We learnt how to design and use concrete as the only building-material in an building.

What are you working on at the moment?
We are currently working on many extraordinary projects. Among other things, an office building with a photovoltaic facade, a car-free garden-city in wood-construction, a family house with 4 floors, and much more.

What is your driving force?
The joy in designing.

Any ideas you think should be front and centre in the minds of architects?
Curiosity about a task, the desire to design something new, the joy in building, perseverance in construction.

Photo: Kurt Hoerbst


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