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The property in the project was designed with a contemporary language, trying to revisit the concept of housing with a minimal language and simple, linear geometries. The villa, on the lot, is spread over one level. The flat roof is characterized by cantilevers that create a connecting element, a single ribbon, with partitions up to the garden level. A cantilevered veranda opens completely towards the horizon, with the surprise of a roof that is not a roof, but which takes on the strength of an all-encompassing element. The spaces create a balance between empty and full, transparency, materiality and continuity between inside and outside.

The external space merges with the internal, both for materiality and visual continuity, the living areas are enclosed by large sliding windows, thus eliminating any borders and barriers, the private space and the sleeping area are shielded by shading elements and verandas pertinent. The living area, kitchen and dining area, are identified by a glass volume that juts out compared to the full volume, where the living area is located, as if almost wanting to project itself towards the mirror of the swimming pool. The apparent closure of the sleeping area through shading elements allows both privacy with total closure and total opening. The shading elements enclose the entire sleeping area with the brise-soleil effect, creating plays of shadow and light that are projected onto the floor. With this project the aim was to create a villa to be lived in without boundaries.


Paolo Florio, Giuseppe Paternò

Family Piazzese-Canto

Year of completion

Avola, Italy

Total area
250 m2

Site area
5.000 m2

Paolo Florio

Project Partners

Solar Blue Srl, Emma Maison Ceramiche e Rivestimenti

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