House DMD, Apno

When the children grew up there was one other thing that was ripe. An idea of a new house, completely different from the existing one.
One with a view and set into a peaceful environment, one that could bring together all of the owners’ friends and family, one that will provide shelter and make them feel free at the same time. One that is sustainable, healthy and with high energetic efficiency.
Their new home rises in a small village under Krvavec, next to the pasture and above Ljubljana’s basin.


Vesna Draksler (Fabrikat), Tina Mikulič


Year of completion

Apno, Slovenia

Total area
238 m2

Site area
1.869 m2

Žiga Lovšin

Project Partners

Alfanatura d.o.o., Sebena – kreativno mizarstvo, Gašper Srebernjak s.p., Elektroinstalacije Primož Pišek s.p., Ce-dom d.o.o., Mizarstvo Zrim, Ludvik Zrim s.p.

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