Hiža Mišljenova

“Hiža Mišljenova” was built in the village of Puhovac, specific for the old tombstone “Guest Mišljen” that was found there. The original idea was the reconstruction of an old small family house but the house was in such condition that most of it had to be demolished. Nevertheless, the new house was built on top of the existing Storeroom (“Magaza”). All of the bricks from the walls were also preserved but given the role of facade cladding on the new building. Typologically, the house remains in the same dimensions and follows the basic principles of a medieval Bosnian house – one room, central fireplace, hipped roof, as well as a public “male” front yard and a private “female” back yard.


Studio Entasis; lead Architect: Vedina Babahmetović, architects Armel Dautović, Dragan Trivičević, Berina Duranović

Muamer Spahić

Year of completion

Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Total area
130 m2

Site area
240 m2

Anida Krečo

Project Partners

Sifet – lead craftsman, Mujo – carpenter, Ibrahim – locksmith, Emir – painter

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