HIRAY by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba takes metal, one of the most important materials for the greening of the Kartell catalogue, and uses the welded wire process to shape it. The result is an essential and functional product that is nevertheless rich in emotion. Metal wires form well-defined yet lightweight structural parts of the collection’s chair, chair with arms, bistro table, armchair, divan and side table. The various articles come in white, Bordeaux, black and green. “HiRay is clearly inspired by the Kartell philosophy and translates its concepts into a product line that sets a new trend for outdoor life. The collection continues Kartell’s exploration of new worlds with a design that places metal in the spotlight and interprets it according to the canons of lightness and modernity. Designed for life in the open, HiRay stands out for its advanced technology and for its use of wire not only to create sinuous, sunny transparencies but to create three-dimensional forms too.”


Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Italy

Kartell, Italy

Year of production

Kartell courtesy

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