HighCommerce is a collective including youngsters aged from 20 to 26 years, fostering “Hustle – Creative – Transparency” culture. They have a desire to enhance themselves and then contribute to great E-commerce brands’ development, bringing value to customers. We deeply feel positive energy and specialty in the spirit and culture of HighCommerce, which becomes the sheer motivation of our designs. To create the young’s unique working space where they are inspired, we choose modern and contemporary design styles that are combined with HighCommerce’s culture.

Creative: Most of the areas are functional zones such as brainstorming room, check-in room, pantry… They are designed for discussion, recreation, and cafe culture. The most remarkable and creative traits are graphic details containing traditional elements (cranes, dragons, clouds) which are designed based on Ly Dynasty’s patterns. Vietnamese traditional features are placed in the modern space to remind about national cultures.

Hustle: Hustle culture is reflected in the moving experience of users. Corridors are considered the “backbone” of the office, spent for connection and interaction. They are twisted into a zigzag shape changing users’ reactions suddenly.

Transparency: The area is open and spacious, decreasing significantly private rooms for leaders. Therefore, we use glasses as core materials for space separation. The mixture of glasses and color decals ensures transparency and privacy for some rooms as meeting or check-in ones. HighCommerce wants their office to become creative, and then inspire themselves. they were helping young staff enjoy their life at the company and find happiness at work.


DPLUS Vietnam


Year of completion

Hanoi, Vietnam

Total area
820 m2

Luu Quang Minh

Project Partners

Ceiling + drywall: Representative private unit Mr. Vu Van Quang
Carpet: quoc minh co., ltd
Glass Partition: quang tien mechanical construction and trading services co., ltd
Paint: DDM Paint CO., ltd
Wood Furniture: Timber Vietnam International Investment Joint Stock Company
Sofa: Minh Phu Furniture Production And Trading CO., ltd
Chairs: Rong Phuong Bac Trade Co., ltd, GOVI Vietnam Joint Stock Company
Sanitary equipment: An Phat Import-Export And Investment Company Limited, Frica CO., ltd
Lighting equipment: KOTA Trading and Technical Service Joint Stock Company, MES Electromechanical Solution Joint Stock Company, Lac Viet Trade And Advertising Company Limited

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