Hevea is a versatile furnishing element that brings nature into residential and contract settings. Hevea pays tribute to nature by referencing the Amazon rainforest, our planet’s green lung, and Brazil, the birthplace of the designer. This pot holder consists of a central steel stem to which polypropylene pots are hung, obtaining different configurations based on their number and position. The pots are easy to attach, either opposite one another or in a spiral. This versatile object makes it possible to arrange plants vertically, without occupying areas destined for other uses. Hevea discreetly fits into any setting, complementing small indoor plants and giving life to unique and potentially infinite compositions. Hevea is available both in the Partition version, with a three-column composition that creates green walls, and in the Ice Bucket version, which consists of a central ice bucket for keeping bottles cool.


Victoria Azadinho Bocconi


Year of production

art direction: Studio FM; photo: Andrea Garuti; styling: Studio Salaris

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