At first glance, the monochromatic design of the space with fluorescent accents in the embrace of socialism does not seem socialist at all. The entire space is designed as a creative platform or open studio for a graphic designer, where designer pieces of furniture subconsciously dramatize memories from the past, mirror the present, and at the same time illuminate the future. The once »closed« floor plan has been transformed into an open connected space with a circularly designed central part, marked by an art installation made of wall tiles – XXX POETRY.


MA_ST_AR; Maja Stamenković


Year of completion

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total area
48 m2

Marijo Zupanov

Stage 180°

Project Partners

JOP STROJNE INŠTALACIJE, Jure Orešnik s.p., EPOKSI TLAKI HORVAT, Rok Horvat s.p., VLOM d.o.o., MA_ST_AR, MOPLES, Matej Oražem s.p., ISO
STEKLARSTVO d.o.o., ES Svetila d.o.o., BUTIK SVETIL, SENČILA MEDLE d.o.o., Umetniška dela na fotografijah: Maja Stamenković, Rok Mar, @Ravnikar Gallery Space: Maja Babič Košir, Nevena Aleksovski

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