Healing Gardens Hospital Vienna North, Vienna

The Healing Gardens are a pioneer project. For the first time in Austria, a landscape garden is intentionally included into the planning process of a hospital as a healing factor. The concept by Martha Schwartz comprises several therapy gardens and mobility rehabilitation centres as well as strolling loops of varying lengths. Depending on their grade of mobility and/or their mood, patients can “configure” their outings as they wish.
The strolling loops are constructed as a linear system of paths. They start inside the hospital and the wind through the therapy gardens and further into the lawns and meadows. Further on, the parallelism dissolves and the paths continue meandering into a copse.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The unique aspect of the project is the strategic approach of including a therapy garden of this scale into a federal hospital.






Landscape architecture
3:0 Landschaftsarchitektur (Planning) in association with Martha Schwartz Partners – MSP (First Draft & Artistic Supervision)

Wiener Krankenhausanstalten Verbund (KAV)

Year of completion

Vienna, Austria

Total area
129.000 m2

Site area
59.000 m2

Hertha Hurnaus

Project Partners

ARGE PORR/Strabag, Forstdienst, Baumschule Lorberg

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