The Halfbike has three wheels and you use the rear two ones for steering. This means that the handlebars are fixed and the turning motion comes from the rear wheels, where you would use your whole body to initiate a turn. Also, you ride it while standing up, because of that the motion resembles running, without the added strain to the knees and joints. The Halfbike comes with a very rewarding but challenging learning curve, where you would need to train your muscle memory and balance in order to get used to it.





About the authors:

Martin & Mihail are architects and true partners in crime who share a vision for a better world and truly believe less is more. They stay guided by their passion for the outdoors and core belief that we, humans, are born to move. So, when everything becomes too complicated, we need to push hard on that reset button and get our personal time offline.Through the years and along with the Halfbike, our team grew steadily. We believe that hacking the well established order, with small but confident steps, can make our future brighter. We believe in local manufacturing – it is our way of keeping our business fair and sustainable. That’s why each Halfbike is handmade in our workshop in Europe. But there is more. We chose to work only with direct customers. This helps us grow together and the feedback from our clients keeps us up-to-date and on track. Our mission is to inspire people to spend more time offline, back to nature, back to basics.


Creators of Halfbike Mihail Klenov & Martin Angelov



Designer/ Producer: Martin Angelov & Mihail Klenov (Kolelinia)
Country: Bulgaria
Year of production: 2018
Photos: Marin Kafedjiiski

Text provided by the authors of the project.