GSP Hair Salon

A hair salon that conveys a sense of domesticity and comfort to its clients. The owner’s work philosophy of passion for nature, environmentally friendly materials and sustainability converge in the project along with the idea of “sustainable beauty” from the world of Davines, a B-corp that has always been committed to the production of environmentally friendly products. The main idea was for an environment that looks more like a home interior than a store, while at the same time offering all the functionality needed to work there.

From a spatial point of view, the project is conceived on the combination of different geometries: that of the existing envelope and the new one, of the furniture, played on diagonal lines that create interesting dialogues and cross viewpoints through the reflection of mirrors. The starting point was the creation of a palette of materials and colors capable of conveying a sense of naturalness and harmony through all the senses (touch, smell, sight). One of the zones features a suspended ceiling covered in Organoid®, a natural material made from alpine hay and pressed flowers, which gives the environment not only the colors but also the scents of nature.




Year of completion

Pesaro, Marches, Italy

Total area
126 m2

Federico Villa

Project Partners

Bespoke furniture: MAGIL falegnameria
Products: Davines

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