Grand Hotel Savoia, Cortina d’ Ampezzo

Grand Hotel Savoia has been restored in a manner befitting its history and status. A combination of rustic style with an elegant, luxurious yet fresh touch creates a com-fortable, stylish, and cozy retreat. Inspired by mountain formations the reception desk’s distinctive faceted design, is complimented by statement lighting lighting fixtures. Soft textures and playful art-work complete the interior. The terrace is the best spot to enjoy the view of the mountain, so it was designed with that orientation in mind. Tweed fabrics, cozy furry blankets as well as orange and red accents create an exclusive, effortless yet contemporary feel.
The spa is a sequence of spaces where colour, sound, textures, materials, and smells create an immersive sensory experience. The main reference is nature, woodland scenes in the walls and partitions mirror the outdoors and help guest relax and un-wind. The alpine feel is deeply influencing guest room material choices, such as wood, the light earth-tone colour palette, and textiles. Light green, dark grey, mocha and brown are harmoniously mixed in a variety of textures. Black and white artworks complete the look.


schema 4 architects

Bain Capital

Year of completion

Cortina d’ Ampezzo, Italy

Project Partners

Tsigenis woodcraft, AreaDomus, Luminart, Artemide, Material projects & More, ENKA Moisiadis, M&M House

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