Problem Identification: Under-Appreciation of Design
This is a rather general problem, that becomes specific for Cyprus in a slightly different way. The country is currently into the frenzy of the EU passport scheme, which means that an investor can provide themselves and their families with EU passports if they invest a certain amount in the country. Most prefer real-estate related investments. This creates the demand for rapidly generated building stock. The buyers are hardly ever the users - spaces are rented away, or remain empty for life - so the demand remains strictly numerical, i.e. more-more-more. The result is, no surprise here, of course, low quality of service/ building/ living, along with really low design fees. Needless to say that this causes the under-appreciation of design as a profession, and of designers as professionals. The solution to the problem is obviously multi-faceted and probably a state issue rather than an individual one. Legislation is one idea, however a mentality cannot be built from that alone.

June 11, 2020