Galichnik Wedding Festival, Galichnik

The Galichnik Wedding Festival is a three-day cultural event happening each year on the weekend following the day of Saint Peter, July 12th, in the picturesque village Galichnik. The mesmerizing terrain, specific architecture and natural resources complement the magic of the festival, offering an authentic experience of rituals over a thousand years old. The participants in the ceremony manifest strong expression and originality – reproducing rituals that are part of their collective memory, done by their ancestors each year during the collective weddings on Saint Peter’s day. Engaging all senses of the audience, the call of the zurla and beat of the drum trigger sensations culminating with a sense of trance and a one-of-a-kind experience. The festival is particularly significant because it actively preserves traditions, rituals and folklore, while promoting the touristic potentials of the area through cultural uplifting, creative sensibility and character – which undoubtedly have a place on the contemporary artistic stages.

No matter where and which way – be in Galichnik for Saint Peter’s Day!


Author of the creative story
Local community of Galichnik

Local community of Galichnik, Ministry of Culture of Macedonia, Public enterprises and private donors and sponsors

Year of completion

Galichnik, Republic of Macedonia

Dragoljub Nikolovski

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