Tel Aviv duplex: Fusion of Cultures

Three apartments converted into a unique 140 square meter duplex in Jabotinsky Street, central Tel Aviv. A stylish bachelor pad for a new immigrant, and provide a holiday home for his extensive family visiting regularly from London. The studio initially met the client a few days before Covid really hit in early 2020. The client’s mother, who was to manage the renovation, planned to visit from London every few weeks but very soon a round of lockdowns began in Israel and in England, which meant they couldn’t meet the client in-person for the entire project. All communications moved to WhatsApp and Zoom, whether regarding budget management, contractor management and design choices, requiring some creative forms of presentation and plenty of 3D rendering.  Almost every item in the apartment was tailor-made using local artisans – from lighting, carpentry, windows, furniture, to the beds and closets. They also focused on using unconventional combinations of ceramics or wallpaper, bold color combinations and textures.


Michal Shilgi; Shilgi Architecture & Rebecca Citrin; Citrin Design

Alex Cohen

Year of completion

Tel Aviv, Israel

Total area
140 m2

Tamir Rogowski

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Contractor: Guy Kampinski, Lighting fixtures: Trend Light, Flooring and ceramics: Mody, Curtains and textiles: Etztroubad, Living room furniture: Penthouse Basic, Green wall balcony: Green Gecko

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