Inspiration: We 3d scanned the Négilé Coat which is part of the Fashion and Costume Collection of The University of Applied Arts Vienna. The garment was worn either by the crown princess Stephanie von Belgien or the Duchess Sophie von Hohenberg in 1895. By virtualising this piece it transforms to be dead in cyberspace. But its data becomes everlast ing, the information is stored and can be directly reproduced at any moment.








Collection or creation: Ready to die
Brand: Flora Miranda
Designer and / or studio: Flora Miranda
Photography: Ronald Stoops + Gregory Darkenne3
Materials and techniques: We worked on the 3d model in a way that the files can be reproduced into real life. We then built these 3d structures in a thread and silicone technique by hand and by using machines.
Year of production: 2018
Designer’s country of origin: Austria
Country of brand origin: Austria / Belgium


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