EVUPRE Deep Water Rowing Race Suit

The EVUPRE Deep Water Rowing Race Suit is a remarkable embodiment of innovation and performance. Designed for and with competitive rowers, this suit offers unrivaled freedom of movement coupled with maximum comfort. It is made from lightweight, stretchy materials which guarantee an optimal fit. Flat seams, a comfortable seat area, and elastic hems ensure lasting comfort during intensive use. The EVUPRE race suit is equipped with moisture-wicking properties and strategically placed mesh inserts that effectively keep rowers cool even in the heat of high-intensity races. Its revolutionary design sets a new industry standard for rowing apparel and encourages rowers’ determination to achieve their personal best. Worn by professional athletes and the national teams of Denmark, Austria, and Slovenia, the suit has earned a reputation for its performance-enhancing properties, making it indispensable for demanding competitions and training sessions alike.


DO:IT Solutions GmbH


Year of production

Tobias Gebetsberger

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