Ersatzbau der Voisthalerhütte

The new Voisthaler Hut is situated in the high valley of the Upper Dullwitz as a highly visible landmark. As a point of orientation between Hochschwab, Wetterkogel, Karlhochkogel and Fölzsattel, it replaces the existing hut and appears as a simple, clear volume in the high alpine terrain. The setting in the largely natural landscape is an interplay of site-specific characteristics (topography, weather sides, view), function and form – a combination of architecture and site. Due to the logistically challenging location, a prefabricated timber construction was chosen as a sensible building form. The formal realisation of the new hut is derived both from a general attitude towards a sensitive integration of a typical (mountain) landscape and the primary requirement of its function as a shelter: respect and modesty towards the site’s simplicity are thus formally carried outwards. The exterior appearance is marked by the character of the natural wooden surface, has an inviting effect and promises a home atmosphere. The facade consists of shifiting timber slats that have been left untreated so that the appearance of the hut will slowly merge with its surroundings. The interior is dominated by visibly left wooden surfaces of the cross laminated timber construction and the floor boards.


Dietger Wissounig Architekten ZT GmbH

Alpenverein Austria

Year of completion

Thörl, Austria

Total area
769,87 m2

David Schreyer

Project Partners

Structural Engineering: GDP ZT GmbH, Josef Koppelhuber, FS1 Fiedler Stöffler (Michael Fiedler, Christian Stöffler); Building Physics: Rosenfelder & Höfler; Building Technology: Pechmann GmbH; Electrotechnology: Elektrotechnik Graff GmbH; Fire Prevention Planning: Kunz – Die innovativen Brandschutzplaner GmbH; Hydro Engineering: Ofner H2O, Tillmitsch; Cableway: Reisch Maschinenbau, Fastranz
Bruckschlögl GmbH, Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee Gaugelhofer & Ganyecz Seilahnplanungs GmbH

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