Eos chair

A chair for indoor/outdoor use made with 30% recycled polyethylene from tetrapak (Ecoellene) packaging and produced with aluminum molds, choices which make it sustainable in terms of its CO2, footprint. It features a large and comfortable seat and thanks to the grip on the backrest and its stackability, it is easy to move either alone or in sets of 4. It is available in seven virgin plastic colors and one color with recycled plastic. Short presentation of the studio/company: Simplicity becomes matter and is shaped by the objects characterized by curves, round, sensual, essential shapes. Lyxo applies the splendor of light and the essence of shapes to the functions of design: from indoor spaces to gardens, a collection of furnishing objects that embellish business areas with plastic beauty.


Matteo Leorato


Year of production

Matteo Leorato

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