Energya MK28E

MK28E is the world first plug-in Hybrid truck mixer pump developed by CIFA. It adopts the latest technologies to decrease fuel consumption, pollution and noise combined with carbon fiber technology. Plug-in hybrid means that the batteries can be charged from both the power grid and through a generator powered by the diesel engine of the truck. MK28E is also equipped with KERS that permits energy recovery during vehicle deceleration. The system allows the full energy management in all working conditions and the choice and the setup of components maximize the general efficiency of the system. Conventional hydraulic system is replaced by electric transmission with high efficiency. The system allows to rotate the drum, stabilize, manage the boom and pump concrete with diesel engine off, without emission and with very low noise in the working area. Emission and noise reduction make MK28E very useful in all areas where high respect for the environment is the first choice.


CIFA S.p.A., Italy

CIFA S.p.A., Italy

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