Inspiration: Zaha has been created as homage to the deceased architect Zaha Hadid. This piece shows a move past the fourth dimension and the awareness that nothing is random. This design has also been inspired by the bone structure which is so lightweight, yet it holds together various body parts and is central to the whole body.







Twenty years ago Designer Ema Koja created the concept and technology of strategic artwork, hand painted onto garments to produce three-dimensional textures and to manipulate body shapes with an optical illusion. A unique identity in fashion was born. The artwork itself has been conceived by Koja, who then applied it to the silhouettes that she also designs. This combination of her imagination, exquisite taste and attention to detail has earned her a significant reputation among celebrities including Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez as well as other stylish women worldwide who covet these wearable works of art. In fact, Koja considers every woman to be an individual work of art who deserves to be framed in an equally original work of art.




Collection or creation: Zaha: Ema Savahl Couture
Designer and / or studio: Ema Koja / Ema Savahl Designs
Photography: Tommy Chung, Natasha Kertes
Materials and techniques: special techniques of 3D painting on a base material / handmade
Year of production: 2018
Designer’s country of origin: Albania
Country of brand origin: USA


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