Ekkharthof Community Building, Lengwil

The living and working place for people in need of care was built in the 1970s as a gesamtkunstwerk in anthroposophical design language. Its situated in the middle of the landscape around lake of constance, thurgau. Now a new restaurant building is to become the centre of social and public life. The dining hall stages the landscape: a columned hall made of ash wood, self-bracing, open all around, stands on a concrete base that grows out of the slightly sloping terrain. The furniture was developed especially for this project

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
It’s a modern Stoa, built in wood.


Lukas Imhof

Ekkharthof Verein, Amt für Hochbauten Kanton Thurgau

Year of completion

Lengwil, Thurgau, Switzerland

Total area
800 m2

Site area
50.000 m2

Lucas Peters, Hannes Heinzer

Project Partners

Schaffner AG, Müllheim, Max Möckli, Thurgau, Neue Holzbau Ag, Lungern, Spenglerei Schnyder, Huber Fenster, Herisau, Wimm Möbel, Zürich, Walo Terrazzo

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