DP house

Alessandro Mendini referred to it as an “emotional home”, a home as a stage and theater for private life, “that scene where every room allows for change, the dynamics of attitudes and situations.” The interior design, space division, furniture, and home décor all stem from an anthropological projection of the client, and each space has been tailored to her needs The boundary between the living area and the sleeping area often takes on different connotations in the domestic environment. In this case, we worked on its thickness and inversion. An “active” wall takes on various functions: it contains, hosts, displays, and conceals objects. This boiserie spans the entire kitchen area and part of the living room, interacting with the opposite wall, whose design is derived from a geometric play of shapes that repeat throughout the house and become three-dimensional, offering a multitude of possibilities: shelves, bases, drawers, seating, and open compartments.

The arch propels us into a small hallway from which emerge an explosion of different worlds and colors. In stark contrast to the monochromatic living area, this non-room has two different shades of green that, along with the pronounced change in flooring, warm up and foreshadow a cozier sleeping area. Doors are kept to a minimum, spaces flow and coexist while maintaining their intimacy and function. The bedroom is the place where dreams, memories, old rituals, and unrestrained romanticism are staged. Serving as a backdrop is an emotional landscape designed by illustrator Katia Fucci. A glass block backdrop illuminates the otherwise windowless bathroom and accommodates the shower behind it, transforming it into a stage. Semi-opaque tiles cover the bathroom up to the ceiling, capturing and imprisoning the light within. The master bathroom is a granulated tray, a typical finish in many seaside apartments, but with a coarser grain and colors that guide the choice of furniture and lighting.


Francesca Girolami Studio

Year of completion

Grottammare, Italy

Total area
80 m2

Chiara Catalini

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