DocCheck Thïngs Reflexhammer “Clôppe”

Clôppe is a new Reflexhammer, developed and produced by DocCheck Thïngs. In its basic form, Clôppe represents a classic reflex hammer, as it is used to examine reflexes of muscles and tendons. Reflexhammers haven‘t been updated for decades – that‘s why we developed Clôppe. Clôppe stands out from other reflex hammers due to its design, with its light curves and smooth surface. The rubber heads can be easily replaced and are available in different colors, giving the reflex hammer an individual touch. Not only does Clôppe look great, but it has been community tested, so the functionality is also sure to impress. Clôppe is the first product we developed with DocCheck Thïngs, and that is why we are so proud of it.


David Marshall

DocCheck Shop GmbH; David Marshall

Year of production

Thomas Schneider

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