The rack for parking and recharging e-bikes DINA, is designed to offer a service to cyclists by bars, restaurants, and hotels in different urban and suburban contexts. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The rack formally represents the iconic figure of the trestle, expressing through a few geometric elements the “leisure” spirit of this product without ignoring the need for intuitive use by the user. The choice of materials and the attention to detail communicate reliability, cleanliness, and solidity. The design as a whole combines functional needs, low-cost production, guaranteed ease of maintenance, and integration of communication support for the managers of bars, restaurants, and hotels. The playful spirit of this figure as well as the choice of finishes and colors is designed consistently with the brand. The horizontal beam allows to anchor seven bikes by docking them through the saddle to the central stainless steel tubular element and to recharge four of them at the same time.


Makio Hasuike & co., Italy

REV S.R.L., Italy

Year of production

Makio Hasuike & co. and Repower

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