Deeptime – Ionic Sound System & Spirula speakers

Ionic Sound System is a set of unique speakers, two satellites and an active subwoofer, designed primarily for home or office interior, which excels not just acoustically but also aesthetically. DEEPTIME produces the first audio system 3D printed from the sand. The speakers and subwoofer are manufactured by binder jetting technology as one piece, that’s why its visual appearance and acoustic properties are not disrupted by any visible connections or bolts. The audio set is designed and optimised in a way that even with its compact dimensions we can achieve excellent acoustic performance. The total performance of the set in regular conditions is sufficient for rooms up to the 40m2. We\’ve used the golden ratio 1.618 to create organic, eye-catching, and unique designs. To honour this magic number, the production is limited to 1618 units.


Martin Hřeben, Ondřej Chotovinky, Deeptime / Prototypum


Year of production

Art Photos (black) – Ivan Pinkava
Lifestyle Photos – Lukáš Pelech

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