The SEALENCE DeepSpeed jet is an innovative marine propulsion system aimed at replacing existing propulsion systems and surpassing their drawbacks in terms of efficiency and environmental impact, while simultaneously adapting to recent green regulations in Europe and reducing costs. The main innovation concerns the fluid dynamics design, which is completely different from the existing propulsion systems, revolutionary, and therefore protected by a patent. The unique features that distinguish this new propulsion system are an electric jet propulsion system inspired by aviation, to gradually phase out propellers in the marine field, like what has happened in aviation, differentiation from propeller propulsion as it generates more thrust with the same amount of energy, exempt it from cavitation phenomena and innovation in the design of the dynamic inlet, internal impellers, and nozzle, all functional in optimizing efficiency.


Fabio Ruaro; Sealence S.p.A., Italy

Sealence S.p.A., Italy

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