Cristina Curelea is a Romanian professional puppeteer. In 2013 she started SoLemn, a concept of production. Its focus is stirring introspections, visions and lucid dreaming in the world of art consumption. The main goal of SoLemn is putting
value back into object design art.
Cristina creates with a base of organic objects and unique subjects. The art of home wealth she promotes is grounded on the ludic of puppet theater, which inspired the entire project. The resulting installations are part of a chain reaction, revealing irony, extravagance and exuberance in the eye of its viewer.

SoLemn objects reflect the glamorous alter ego of Romanian symbols.
SoLemn is a play upon words, connecting the primary material used (‘lemn’=wood) and the dignified significance of the Romanian/English word “solemn”. As the name tries to clarify the connections, the creation process is also ethnocentric. We used wood to carve ourselves as a nation, thus treasure its eco friendly handcrafting. In times of global culture meltdown, Romanian subjective objects can be reached
by everyone moved by the message of these installations. From the bourgeois femininity to vintage glam or post-industrial decay, beauty is the common core. SoLemn dedicates its toil to educate the art collector by showing him new perspectives. Hopefully not in a solemn way.


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