Colors Urban Hotel, Thessaloniki

The new COLORS URBAN HOTEL is situated on the corner building on Tsimiski Venizelou street, and Agiou Mina street. It is a unique building listed as a monument, with intense interior ceiling plaster decor, original wooden double doors and a unique glass dome over the interior atrium. Turning this office building to a hotel has been a design challenge, especially the retrofit of all the needs of a hotel room, while retaining the architectural listed elements and features. The room design follows the COLORS way, that is distinct themes in every room, in diverse room sizes. Following the contemporary needs, bathrooms are split, open closets, double beds, in height. The special furniture pieces cover the needs of the rooms, such of the desk, the open closet, the sink, all in colored metal and flat wood surfaces.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The project’s big feature is the distinct design of each room separately in combination with the conservation of the existing listed elements of the building and the needs of a young contemporary traveller.


Urban Soul Project

Colors Urban Hotel

Kimberley Powell

Year of completion

Thessaloniki, Greece

Total area
338,00 m2

Project Partners

Polizoidis, Kiskinidis, Almeco, Polizoidis, Luminart, Tsomlektsi Bros, Samour Floors, Emmanuel Loudaros & SIA E.E., Zotas Design, Saimon Bros

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