Civil protection centre Ritten

Architecture saves us: With the new building of the Civil protection centre Ritten, Roland Baldi Architects have designed a “common home” for the command of the Fire Brigade, White Cross and Alpine Rescue where they can operate smoothly and proactively across all areas of expertise. With its sculptural shape, the new Civil protection centre forms a contemporary contrast to the rural, local architectural language. Thanks to the façade made of dyed stamped concrete in reddish colour inspired by famous Ritten earth pyramids, the Civil protection centre Ritten fits perfectly into the impressive landscape.


Roland Baldi Architects

Municipality of Ritten

Year of completion

Klobenstein – Ritten, Italy

Total area
2.600 m2

Site area
4.650 m2

Oskar Da Riz

Project Partners

Team: Harald Kofler. Carlo Scolari, Sila Giriftinoglu, Karin Kretschmer; Structural engineering: Andreas Erlacher: Mechanical engineering: Reichhalter Jörg; Energy Project & Consulting, Electrical engineering: Andreas von Lutz; Acoustic consultancy: Archacustica; Safety coordinator: Giovanni Carlini

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