City music pavilion, Herceg Novi

The renovation City Music pavilion revealed medieval layers and the authenticity of the building’s interior that was almost completely lost with the improvised renovation carried out in 1960s. Extensive archival and conservation research provided data on the authentic interior such as floor, walls and bohemian crystal lighting – which was restored to the 1935. authentic draft. During the complex interventions that were carried out remains of the St. Jeronimo bastion (Trnovac) have been discovered, preserved and made available. The bare historicity of the underground and aboveground levels is united by a horizontal plane – which, through multiplied reflections, sharp shots, contrast of complete coldness and absolute warmth, generates the transmission of multiple historical continuums into a modern whole. The fusion of antagonisms shaped space, but space ultimately shaped awareness and a sense of the parallel duration and parallel experience of the historical and the contemporary. Every emotion in that space has its thesis, antithesis and synthesis. This triad of liberated historical moments and liberated sound culminates in a recontextualized ambience.


Srđan Marlović

Municipality of Herceg Novi

Year of completion

Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Total area
95 m2

Srđan Marlović

Project Partners

IZO MONT HN doo, Herceg Novi, Jokić KIMONT doo, Kotor

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