A product for the now. With the balance between working and living spaces being renegotiated, the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds blurring, and space itself at a premium, new solutions for work are required. CHAPTER is a reinterpretation of the historic typology of the bureau and answers this demand in its own distinctive way. The result is an understated, wall-mounted item of furniture, reduced in form to lines and surfaces. A fold-up, oak-veneered tabletop covers a compartment for hidden storage. The sloping aluminum rear panel is an exceptional place to feature books, notes, and objects, or keep utensils and other materials within reach. Made of single elements, the product is economically packaged, easy to recycle, and straightforward to repair. CHAPTER can be used as an individual work surface, a standing desk, or a sideboard. When arranged in a row along a wall it can be used to create whole workspaces.


Sebastian Schönheit, Germany

LOEHR; Gebrüder Löhr GmbH, Germany

Year of production

Stefan Hoederath

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