The first series of design chairs 3D printed in concrete by selective cement activation. Designed with natural patterns in mind, the CHAIR N°ONE revisits the features of nature that are reflected in the design language of the chair. Intricate bionic structures emulate patterns present in plants and other living beings. The 3D printing method displays the nuances and patterns similar to tree rings left from manufacturing, providing every single piece with its unique signature. Sustainably printed by using recycled glass as base material, the chairs embody one of the futureproof ways to create and reshape objects we interact with daily. The chairs are printed in one piece, providing structural stability and a continuous, smooth surface. The raw sensations provided by the material instantly connect the user to the object, fulfilling our desire for simplicity, purity, and essentiality.


Studiooberhauser, Italy

Progress Group 3D Innovation, Italy

Year of production

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