Casa C, Manduria

The project come alive from a survey of the landscape and the social and cultural context, including materials and forms peculiar to the local tradition.
The house takes over from a building of the 70’s that was demolished in favor of a new sustainable project which uses innovative technologies with low energy consumption, and which is respectful of the context.
The architectural structure is created by a joint of volumes with traditional materials like tuff and concrete with plaster left to lime.
In the north area, the house has a solid aspect with blocks of tuff, inspired by the nearby village Torre Borraco, while in the south area it has open spaces defined by larges and continuous glass windows through which the sky can be seen and the light can invade the internal spaces.
The house is developed on two levels: the ground floor is devoted to hospitality and sociality with large spaces that overlooks on the natural landscape; the first floor is devoted to private spaces only for the owners of the house. In this area, on the terrace, a flush floor swimming pool has been positioned, in order to create an aesthetic feature and an invisible security barrier.
The garden around the house recall again the natural context of the place, with olive trees that surround a swimming pool nearby the house.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Natural light and integration with the landscape.


Luca Zanaroli Architect


Year of completion

Manduria (Taranto), Italy

Total area
300 m2

Max Zambelli

Project Partners

Main contractor
ARS Costruzioni S.r.l.

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