Canopy, Sauna, Pool for House K, near Innsbruck

A slim canopy structure was placed in front of the existing house with a plastered facade, which makes being outdoors much more pleasant in every season of the year. This wooden canopy on slim steel supports also integrates the sauna. The center of the ensemble is the water surface of the swimming pool. Textile curtains provide additional protection from the sun when the sun is low and the curtains blowing in the wind create a special atmosphere. Narrow light openings in the roof ensure brightness in the lower areas. Unweathered wooden parts remain untreated, weathered wooden cladding is painted black. From the small sauna you have a generous view of the water surface of the pool, the garden and the surrounding mountains. A biotope that extends the swimming pool ensures good water quality.


Gsottbauer architektur.werkstatt


Year of completion

near Innsbruck, Austria

Total area
115 m2

Site area
1.070 m2

Birgit Koellu

Project Partners

Glatzl Holzbauprojekte KG

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