BudaPrés Cider

BudaPrés is a cider factory situated in the Etyek wine region of Hungary. Inspired by the Tartan pattern, the architectural concept reimagined the traditional gable roof of press houses, resulting in a unique spatial arrangement. The building masses emerge from the hillside, reminiscent of old-fashioned cellar entrances, seamlessly blending into the landscape.

This design seamlessly combines the functionality of industrial manufacturing with the elegance of hospitality. Access to the underground production area is through the courtyard, while the guest lounge above offers a stunning view of the factory below. The building symbolizes the connection between nature, tradition, and the joy of harvest.


BORD Architectural Studio; Péter Bordás, Róbert Benke, Zsófia Hompók, Csilla Kracker, Emese Kulcsár, Tamás Mezey, Tamás Tolvaj

BudaPrés Kft.

Year of completion

Etyek, Hungary

Total area
910 m2

Site area
10.871 m2

György Palkó, Tamás Bujnovszky

Project Partners

Mechanical engineering: BORD HVAC Engineering Llc.; Zoltán Hollókövi

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