BudaPart Homes A, B, C, D residential buildings, Budapest

With BudaPart, a new neighborhood is created in Budapest, covering an area of about 54
hectares, which includes 11 hectares water area. In 2019, two residential houses (268 flats) were
handed over, followed by BudaPart Homes ‘B’ and ’D’ buildings (total of 367 flats) with a number of services in 2020.


ADEPT (Designer), KÖZTI (BudaPart Homes D), SPACEFOR (BudaPart Homes B), Vikár and Lukács Architects (BudaPart Homes A and C)

Year of completion
2019 – 2020

Budapest, Hungary

Total area
540.000 m2

Project Partners

Property Marketing Real Estate Development Ltd., Market

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