Bethel Evangelical Church

The new Lutheran church of Piliscsaba, situated conveniently for the settlement’s residents at the corner of Széchenyi Street and Szent László Street, proudly displays the Lutheran Church’s mission statement: “evidently Lutheran”. From a liturgical standpoint, it features a unified central space adorned with point-like light sources arranged in star shapes on the ceiling, symbolically representing the vault of the entire created world. However, the planned new church serves not only as a sacred building but also as a community facility, offering space for religious education, church conferences, and cultural events related to religious life.

Externally, it presents itself as a visible brick-clad, clean, raw cube with minimal architectural elements that harmonize with the surrounding wooded development. Yet, in its captivating simplicity, it radiates its own aura. The large glass surfaces on the gable walls of the roof, adorned with finely articulated wooden lamella structures, establish a connection with nature, inviting it in completely.


Modum Kft.; András Krizsán

Magyarország Evangélikus Egyház

Year of completion

Piliscsaba, Hungary

Total area
329,81 m2

Site area
2.823 m2

Tamás Bujnovszky

Project Partners

Interior designers: András Göde, Pesti Építő Zrt; Árpád Pál Túri

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