Bento is a modular sofa designed by Calvi Brambilla. It’s inspired by the elegant Japanese Bento Boxes, the lunch boxes prepared with special care for the color combinations of foods and the linear way in which they are arranged. It’s a modular system where rectangular, trapezoidal and pentagonal bases are combined in different and new ways, creating a large variety of compositions. The particular shape of the 45 ° base and the choice of an important foot gives Bento a contemporary and cosmopolitan taste. The backrest and armrest modules, with a simple and geometric design, can be freely positioned on the bases and introduce new functions such as the inclined back module which, together with the base, creates a comfortable chaise longue.


Calvi Brambilla; Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla, Italy

Varaschin SPA, Italy

Year of production

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