Benjakitti Forest Park

Benjakitti Park, an urban oasis in Bangkok, emerged from a former Tobacco factory site. It spans 720,000 sq.m, serving as an educational hub about ecology, hydrology, and the environment. This initiative retains 128,000 cu.m. of rainwater, generating 1,600 cu.m. clean water/day. Addressing floods and droughts with nature-based solutions acts as a “sponge”, employing bioremediation for purification. The park fosters a wildlife habitat, housing 360 tree species, and transforming swampland into a rich ecosystem. It incorporates sustainable techniques, reusing materials, and repurposing factory buildings for museums and sports centers. Accessible to all, it’s a sanctuary within Bangkok, fostering a diverse, nature-centric experience – a biodiverse classroom for city dwellers.


Arsomsilp Community and Environmental Architect, Turenscape (Design consultant)

The Treasury Department (Ministry of Finance)

Year of completion

Bangkok, Thailand

Total area
423.232 m2

Site area
423.232 m2

Srirath Somsawat

Project Partners

Design consultant: Turenscape
Structure engineering: Kasem Design and Consultant Co., Ltd.
M&E engineering: Optimology Co., Ltd.
Construction management: Stonehenge Co., Ltd.
Contractor: Royal Thai Army
Signage design: Plan Motif Co., Ltd.
Universal design: Center of Excellence in Universal Design (Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University)

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