Look around you. Plastic is everywhere, even though human society said 40 years ago that plastics are not affordable anymore. What if we can replace them with nature? My project is focused on practical use of garbage leaves from the cities in the furniture industry. Imagine a tree. Trunk and the branches grows for hundreds of years. The new leaves grow every year and on the end they fall down and work as a fertilizer for a tree itself. Imagine we can make the same circle in reality of furniture. There is a skelet of a chair (trunk and branches), made in a way that it can survive for hundreds of years. Than, we have a seat (leaves), which is not so strong, so after year, if it gets damaged, we just brake it and put it under the tree where it disappear in the soil and fertile a tree. Than we pick the fallen leaves once again, and make a new seat. In my project, I invented a new material, by mixing and pressing the fallen leaves and a bio resin, so the seat is completely biodegradable and can easily continue in its natural cycle. Nature is a future. We just need to beleaf, that there is a way how we can change this world.






Design: Šimon Kern
Producer: prototype, Šimon Kern Studio
Country of designer: Slovakia
Year of production: 2017