Bar – Studio Krymská in Prague

The new bar on Krymská Street has a raw, scenic atmosphere and a versatile space for small cultural events. The bar is part of the lower floor of an apartment building wedged between Francouzská and Krymská streets. We decided to treat the retail facade of Krymská Street in a minimalistic modern style. We replaced the door of the former car workshop with new glazing with an entrance door and replaced the old three-part window with frameless glazing that emphasizes a stronger connection to the street. The interior space is divided into three main parts. The entrance area with a small stage and café seating is connected to the central area by a long bar counter. In the center of the layout, there is an open space with screening, bar, toilets and facilities. The rear area is to serve as a separate private club. The aim of the proposal was to create a sufficiently versatile space for small cultural events with high-quality technical facilities (author readings, concerts, exhibitions, etc.) The most important element of the modifications is therefore the new acoustic construction of the dropped ceiling made of foam pyramids unifying the complex space with a basic module. This ceiling forms the platform for the technology (sockets, audio, projection, lighting) and other auxiliary structures such as the dividing curtains. Where it was structurally possible, we let the old masonry of the house stand out in brick, and unified the other areas with neutral cement plaster. The dark cement plaster on the floor and walls, acoustic ceiling and black curtains are further complemented by original furniture made of raw steel. The materials and surfaces used to create a specific scenic atmosphere that matches the cultural focus of the new bar-studio.


Papundekl Architects

Jan Bárta, Šimon Bierhanzl, Marek Fischer, Barbora Novotná


Year of completion

Prague, Czech republic

Total area
133 m2

Alex Shoots Buildings

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