Aura Chalets, Castelrotto

Built around a big visible pendulum, the chalets feature a minimalist design inspired by nature. Big glass fronts and natural, raw materials are used to create a connection to the surrounding nature. The pendulum, directly built into the main wall of the chalets and visible from the kitchen and living room, symbolises balance and equilibrium and helps in finding peace by naturally slowing down your heartbeat. The generous building size and separation from the neighbouring chalets provide a feeling of intimacy and privacy. Glass ceilings built over the master bed and shower enable natural light to enter the chalets and let you stargaze at night before you fall asleep, while the big glass fronts provide an unobstructed and breathtaking view on the surrounding mountains when waking up in the morning.


Studio Oberhauser; Martin Oberhauser

Aura Chalets

Year of completion

Castelrotto, Italia

Total area
400 m2

Fabian Dalpiaz

Project Partners

Oberrauch GmbH

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