Attic apartment SL – Mansarda SL, Ljubljana

For a young single male we transformed the neglected attic into a modern apartment with flexible furniture.
On a poker night he hides unwashed dishes and toilet with sliding walls and closes the bedroom window shutters not to disturb his potential partner during the sleep. When hosting a party the furniture can be pushed away to free up the space for a dance floor and a DJ counter. The table and counter can be combined to a long desk to host a culinary tasting.
The three plywood volumes contain niches for the art works, bed, shower, kitchen, TV, a shortcut to the toilet, greenery, etc. The neglected wooden roof supports were renovated and tinted white. To emphasize the double-height space the top of the attic was left darker while the bottom part got a vast amount of the windows. The staircase in front of the apartment was designed as a semi-public gallery where art works are exhibited, giving the common areas of the building a cultural and social content.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
It’s flexibility encourage a usage of the apartment in many different ways while allowing different levels of openness and privacy.


BAAM arhitekti


Year of completion

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total area
130 m2

Blaž Jamšek & BAAM arhitekt

Project Partners

Mizarstvo Podhovnik, Boštjan Podhovnik s.p., Feidom AA d.o.o., Kersan d.o.o., Velux d.o.o., Butik svetil, Nexx d.o.o., Savne Štrus d.o.o., Ikea

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